Links are placed here to get GoogleBot to visit a new web site as quickly as possible after launch. Not all the sites listed here are completed but if the domain names are new, it does to get them indexed by Google as soon as possible in preparation for when the sites do contain lots of content.

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Search Engine Optimization for Your Web Site

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700i is a web design consultancy run by Liz Jamieson which specialises in web sites which are easy to use and written with search engine friendliness in mind. We take a straightforward approach to Search engine optimisation, employing only those techniques that will help your site to do well in Google in the long term. The idea being that is a page can do well in Google for a key word, or more likely a key phrase, it will do quite well in other natural search engines results as well.

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  • measurably increase visitors to your web site?
  • get your web site legally listed in Google?
  • find new customers?
  • have a professional web presence?
  • find out more about search engine optimisation?
  • learn from someone who can explain the technology to you?

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