Why are we called 700i?

The effort involved in thinking up a good domain name can be enough to stop some people ever writing the web site. Personally, I find I can't even being to code a site unless I know for sure what the domain name is going to be.

Harbour Island - 700i web design

So what has 700i got to do with web design tips? Well nothing really. Through no fault of my own I was born in the Bahamas. Typical tourist blurb reads like this, :

In total, the Bahamas include around seven hundred islands, no more than thirty of which are inhabited, as well as smaller cays and rocks. They form an impressive arc stretching from just beyond the Atlantic coast of Florida to the outlying waters of Cuba, where Great Inagua lies only sixty miles offshore.

Although deep oceanic troughs surround some of the islands, most of them are encircled by shallow, crystalline water that reflects a light turquoise hue during the day and glows with purple luminescence at night. This combination of shallow and deep water makes diving and snorkeling both challenging and intriguing, with numerous reefs waiting to be explored just beyond the shores of the gorgeous, often deserted beaches.

Sounds great doesn't it? When I started working as a web consultant, I wanted to call the business 700islands and place it on 700islands.com, (hence the palm trees and the starfish) but that domain name had already been taken. So I settled on 700i. At some point in the future I will find a way to spend some time there. Until then, here is a picture taken on Harbour Island in 2004, just above the pink sand beach.