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This is one of the best and easist products I have found to use - it gives the good looking results that look professional, when all you need is simple one level navigation bar.

I choose to have this product in my toolkit as it allows you to create convincing nav bar (note - I am not saying menu), when you need a very simple navigational device.

These are the bread and butter nav systems for simple startup web sites, where the client does not have hundreds of pages to publish, but wants a straightforward, low key web presence.

If you need something more complex - a multi-level menu, although this product can do that, it is not the best one to use. The second and subsequent levels are not graphically as strong as the nav bar itself. But don't let that put you off. This product is excellent value, and can save the day when you have to get a simple web site written quickly.

Here is an example of where I have used the product to create a simple nav bar for a Devon Country House Hotel web site.

Xara Menumaker

A dedicated tool for creating top quality graphical NavBars with DHTML menus. Simply choose from the collection of professionally designed NavBars, then customize the wording and font, the color and size to exactly suit your site.

Add rollovers and DHTML menus with easy one click actions - all the JavaScript and HTML is automatically created for you and optimized for export to the Web. Integrates directly with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.

Price : $24.99

Download the Trial or Find Out More

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